Moving out while still shopping for an apartment a house? Haven’t landed on a location for delivery?

National Movers recognizes that your situation might be more complex than others, and may need to move out right away and hold off the delivery of your goods.

Whatever your specific situation is, National Movers offer SIT as an optional service to all of our state-to-state clients, for as long as you need it, and the first 35 days are… FREE!

How does it work?

National Movers has multiple branches across the nation, each operating its own fleet of trucks and highly trained moving crews.

Within each branch we operate a Climate Controlled Storage Facility.

On the day of your move, during the process of loading your goods into our truck, one-by-one our crew also marks them with barcoded stickers.

The truck then arrives into our storage facility and your goods are unloaded and then carefully moved into a designated climate controlled and secured area within the building, and safely kept there under lock and key until you are ready for delivery.

When you’re finally ready to accept delivery of your items it only takes one phone call to our customer service center. Simply let us know your final address and we will begin the delivery process, load your goods into our truck, and send it off on its journey to you.

For a FREE estimate you can reach out to us through:

An email to

– OR –

Call 888.754.5412, if you prefer to speak with one of our information specialists directly.