Moving Checklist

8 weeks to go until your move

Get organized and have a clear-out!

We all have things at home that we no longer need or want but never got around to throwing out. Moving house is a perfect opportunity to have a clear-out – and it’ll make the move easier! You can even turn it into a good deed – see if any local charity shops might want your old items, or whether a friend or neighbor could use them.

Reach out to moving companies                                      

Now that you have a good idea of what you’ll be moving, start contacting moving companies. Booking early gives you flexibility and peace of mind. Make sure that you get a written estimate from your mover, and that they have a US Department of Transport number. (This is sometimes referred to as a ‘DOT’ number.)

Stay on top of the paperwork

You’ll notice paperwork starting to build up pretty fast – quotes, inventory lists, invoices, etc. With everything else that’ll be going on during your move you’ll want to be able to find everything as easily as possible. Try putting together a folder with everything related to your move, and organize it in a way that you know will be easy to sort through.


6 weeks to go

Get kitted out!

If you’re arranging a full packing service with your moving company, then you can skip this step. But if you’ll be packing everything, or most of your things, yourself then start ordering supplies so they’ll arrive in plenty of time for you to pack. As well as boxes you’ll need things like tape, Bubble Wrap, and permanent markers. Think about whether you might need different types of boxes like dishpacks, wardrobe boxes and picture boxes.

 Time for more clearing!

Not sure what to do with replenishable items like cleaning products? Freezer full of food that’s good to eat but will spoil if you let it defrost while moving to your new home? Start using it all up! Cleaning products use up space and are cheap to replace, but using them for one last spring clean means they won’t go to waste and whoever is moving in after you leave will come to a sparkling house. With your food, start cooking your way through whatever’s in the freezer! Time to throw together those experimental dishes you always thought about but never found time for…

Measure up

If you have a chance to take measurements at your new home, or can get your estate agent/the current occupiers to send them to you, take advantage – this is a great way to avoid any unexpected problems with fitting furniture through the door etc. If you know well in advance that some of the items you have won’t fit through the front door of your new home or in any of the intended rooms, you’ll have plenty of time to sell them and replace with something that’s the right fit.


4 weeks to go

Boxing match

Only a month to go until the big day – time to start putting things in boxes! This might seem like quite early on to start packing but if you begin by boxing up the things you rarely use and won’t miss for a few weeks – foot bath, bread maker etc – the whole process will be much more relaxed and stress-free. As you are packing, make sure you label/write on each box its contents and which room they’re for. You can also number boxes to make sure you don’t lose track of how many you’re moving.

Valuable/important items

Important paperwork, jewelry and medicines etc are always best kept with you during your move and are small enough to be transported easily. Make a list ahead of time and as you start to pack the rest of your house, check each item off as you put it in your ‘moving with me’ box/bag.

Change of address – post office

Your local post office has change-of-address forms you can fill out, so that mail sent to your old address will be forwarded to your new home. Alternatively, you can fill in the form online at It’s also worth asking a neighbor or friend who lives close by to check if any mail for you is arriving at your old address, just to make sure that nothing gets missed.

Change of address – finance, insurance, subscriptions etc

Get in touch with your bank, any insurance companies you deal with and the subscription department of newspapers and magazines you have delivered, and notify them of your new address. Make a list of everyone you need to contact and check them off as they confirm your address update. Keep an eye on your post up until your moving day and if anything arrives that you missed and want to come to your new home, get in touch and make sure they know where to send mail to!

Forward medical and school records

Your local doctor will have important records that your new doctor will need to be able to access, so remember to ask for these to be forwarded on. Also, if you have children in school, make sure their records are sent to their new school ready for their first day.


2 weeks to go

Book leave from work for your moving day

Let your workplace know that you’ll need to take a day or two off for your move. Some companies allow one ‘moving day’ a year which doesn’t cut into your annual leave, so find out if that’s the case and if so, make the most of it!

Check in with your moving company

Make sure you’ve kept your movers updated with any changes to your inventory, contact details or delivery address. If you find out any additional information which may be helpful for the movers – such as whether special parking or access for the truck can be arranged – get in touch so they know what to expect on the day.


1 week to go

Finish packing

Make sure everything that’s going on the truck is boxed up and labeled or, if you’ve arranged for the movers to pack everything themselves, once again you can skip this step! Run through your inventory list one last time to make sure it matches what you’re moving exactly. Once this is done you can move onto the next step, which is…



A few days to go

Pack your travel bag/suitcase

Remember all the valuable and important items you kept separate and made a list of a few weeks ago? Time to pack them up too, as it’s almost moving day! Check each item as it goes into your bag and also remember to pack some clothes and basic toiletries that you’ll need in the first few days at your new home.

Take care of the fridge and freezer

If you’re taking a fridge and/or freezer with you, make sure they’re emptied and defrosted in time for when the movers arrive. Remember that Department of Transportation regulations state that things like fridges, cabinets etc cannot be moved with anything inside, and any DOT-licensed company will ask you to empty all of these pieces in time for the day of your move.


Preparing to pay the movers

Your moving company will have told you the breakdown for payment, and it will be included in your contract for your reference. Prepare whatever cash/check/money order you need to pay on the day and keep the receipts in your moving folder that you prepared a few weeks ago.

Moving Day

A little more paperwork

Your movers will give you an inventory sheet to sign after they’ve loaded the truck. Remember to sign it and keep your copy in your moving file.


You’ve put most of the work in over the last couple of months, so now that the big day is here you’re well-prepared. Take the time to go through each room and make sure that everything has gone, say goodbye to your old home, and get ready to greet the new one!