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I paid for the partial packing service that National offers because the little things I could pack but some of the big things, like my couch and my dressers, I really had no idea what to do with. Especially since my husband is out of the state for the moment I decided I didn’t want to have to worry about it. The partial packing was really great. The movers even seemed to enjoy it too. It probably helped that I had only a few really BIG items but they did it nonetheless. Great job to them!
Katherine K. , Sedalia, MO
I left my stuff in their storage for 10 days. I needed to since I was going to be out of town and no one was going to be able to meet the truck before to let them move the stuff into the new house in Mississippi. The best part about that was that it was free. And when I called to let them know I was ready for delivery after I returned they came in only a few days. It was so great and really helpful!
Denis K. , Columbus, MS
I was moving because of my job and my boyfriend was coming with me so we had a lot more stuff than I was originally planning. First I wanted to just rent a truck because I didn’t have so many things and because I thought it would just be easier but when my boyfriend made the decision last minute, the truck was too small and I just didn’t want to have to go through figuring out the truck and what size and then pack everything. Just sounds like a lot of work and I really wasn’t in the mood. So I hired National because they offered me exactly what I needed at a good price and were a lot friendlier and better informed than some of the other companies I talked to. It was a great company and my move went a lot better than if I had done it myself. Truthfully.
Dominique R. , Phoenix, AZ
When I first spoke to the representative from National Movers I told them I wanted someone to come out and take a look at my things and then make an estimate based on that. She told me that she didn’t recommend it because it was expensive for me and it prolonged the move because they’d have to wait for someone to come and take a look and she wasn’t sure when they would be available. So I didn’t go with that. Instead I and she went over each room and I told her what exactly was in it. She estimated how many boxes from the number of rooms I had and surprisingly it was right. Well actually I think we had a few extra but it was close nonetheless. When the movers came all of my belongings and boxes took up just the right amount on the truck. Who knew that just speaking to someone on the phone and telling them what you have could really be so accurate. I was almost positive it was going to be a disaster when the movers came. Thanks to my rep from National and to the company for being so accurate on their information.
Rebecca G., Dickinson, ND
The last thing on earth I expected was to be moving this year, after arriving in Austin just 6 months ago. But that’s what happens when you’re building a career and you have no other commitments! Even just thinking about moving again was horrifying, so it was with a lot of reluctance that I picked up the phone to give National Movers a call. Luckily the way they run their process – going through the inventory over the phone, checking everything you wanted packed etc at the same time and then sending through a line-by-line estimate – made the whole thing pretty effortless. They even checked things like whether there would be space for the truck (I have a tiny drive but my neighbor was great about letting me use hers). So when the day came, I barely needed to be around at all – I used their full packing service – and just spent my time making sure the moving team had all the refreshments they needed! My items arrived in New York just a couple of days after I did, and exactly as they left Texas. Moving is always a lot of work but National made sure that my end of the bargain was kept to a minimum!
Reina N., New York, NY
I took responsibility for my mom’s move when she decided she wanted to be nearer my wife and me and her grandkids. Even though I was arranging everything myself, I still wanted to be sure I was using a company that she would be comfortable with as well. So when I spoke with one of National Mover’s sales reps and she went through the moving process in a lot of detail – including answering all my questions about insurance, licensing and payment, etc – I was sure I’d found the right company. I was right – the process of putting together the inventory list for all my mom’s stuff was a really easy way of doing it, and they seemed to know ahead of time exactly which of her furniture she’d want special packing for. I guess they have a lot of experience, and it shows. As much as I had wanted to be able to fly over and help my mom on the day of the move, I couldn’t get out of work – but I didn’t need to worry as she was really happy with the moving team, who took very good care of everything they were loading. When the delivery arrived (on time), I could see for myself how professional National’s moving teams are. I’ll be recommending National Movers to anyone who asks me.
Jose K., Detroit, MI
My sister used National Movers not too long ago and I remember that she was relieved at how well the move had gone. When it was my turn to relocate I got their details off of her and gave them a call myself. I mentioned the name of the representative my sister had been talking with and was assigned to him too. He said he remember her, which I thought was nice. She’d got them to specially wrap up a bunch of paintings she had, and I was in the same position with a few fragile pieces that are important to me. I asked for their partial crating service, which meant I could just choose what I wanted them to package up and then would box the rest up myself. That worked well for me as I got the most delicate stuff taken care of by professionals but didn’t have to pay all the extra money I would of if I’d gotten the full packing service. The folks that showed up on my moving day were great too, and they were very good about putting everything just where I wanted it in my new place. I guess they’ll be our family movers from now on!
Michael W., Fayetteville, NC
I was moving out of Houston and looked around for a long-distance mover that was local to me. National Movers gave me the best initial quote so I followed up with them and the price they gave me for my move with full packing was extremely competitive. I decided to book based on that and also how friendly everyone I spoke with at the company was. They were also very precise and explained over and over the importance of getting the inventory list 100% accurate, which we managed in the end. As they said, no surprises for me or them on the day of the move and everything went straight as an arrow! Top quality Company :)
Arnold B. , Billings, MT
The last time I did a state to state move I was on my own with not a lot of stuff, this time round I was with a family and a full house worth of furniture and belongings to take. So I decided we would hire a full service moving company to help us along the way as a u-haul might have been cheaper but would have been too much work. We were a little apprehensive about handing everything over to complete strangers but in the end we had nothing to worry about – National Movers took very good care of our shipment and got it to our new house without any delay. They were as good as their word.
Kelly C., Cleveland, OH
Me and my wife thought National Movers did a very professional service for us, they moved us from Texas to Maryland and did some expert wrapping at the same time – we went for the full packing service because we could not face doing everything ourselves! They did a much better job than we would have and I know that it’s the reason everything got to us in perfect condition at the other end. We couldn’t be happier with the service we got.
Stephen B., Baltimore, MD
This is not the first time I moved cross country, and this was a very good experience. I chose National on a hunch (you never know how to choose a mover anymore), turns out that I was right to choose them.
The guys arrived right on time. I had a couple of additional boxes that I forgot about, and the foreman was very nice about it.
I had really nice road trip while my items were held in storage for a week. The moment I reached Oregon I called National and said that I’m ready to receive my items. Everything was delivered on time.
This is the most stress free move I ever had!
John G., Meriden, CT
Such a great company. Nothing special, really, they came to do the pickup and helped my son in law with the last of the packing that was left and gave us free tape for everything that needed the little extra protection. They were nice and polite, they explained it might take a while for delivery, but that was already explained to us by the sales office, though I appreciate how carefully they made sure all the little details were taken care of. They asked us if we remembered to notify the gas and electric company and get the main water turned off and everything, since my house was sold for development. Just nice to see that someone in this very competitive business actually cares about things they don’t even make money on! Good solid experience with National Movers.
Betty H., Alexandria, VA
I used National to move to San Francisco, and I will defiantly use these guys again! What I liked most about this company is communication, not only did the sales rep Rae was very helpful in providing with all the information for the move. She went over the inventory list with me several times before the move. After my items were picked up, the customer service people were very professional, and responded to every email I sent very kindly. I did receive some boxes with a couple of dents here and there, but thanks to Lena’s instructions before the pickup nothing was really damaged. And when I mentioned this to the customer service they immediately compensated me.
I will defiantly use these guys again! They are reliable and honest.
Nicholas M., San Francisco, CA
Everyone during my move was extremely helpful, once the movers arrived my apt. they were constantly fixing my packaging and making sure everything was properly packed before they loaded it, they were also very considerate of my fragile items. And they were so fast too! Very efficient staff overall. Not to mention my lovely relocation consultant who helped me get the lowest most accurate quote for my move.
Grace W., Wichita, KS
I’ve had multiple unpleasant experiences with moving companies and I thought I’m not going to be using moving services anymore. But last month I had to move last minute from AL to WA for work. I had to pack my entire house, and move in just 3 weeks- I needed help. I did a little search online and found this company, after I reached out to them and opened a file it was a matter of hours and I had booked the move. They were so fast and accurate I just had to get everything listed and they did the job! I think these are standard things but the thing that helped me most, that I don’t find obvious at all, was that I could ask my neighbor to supervise the move while I was working. It was a huge save and it was effective, efficient and allowed me to focus on work while knowing it was all in good hands. I’m thankful for all your help and good work.
Donald A., Seattle, WA
I move all the time for work and it’s really hard to find a company that is reliable and can keep up with my busy schedule. After multiple tries with various companies I came across this one, which I never heard of before. Decided to go with them and I was pleasantly surprised. Price was within my budget and they were available on the dates I needed. Suited my needs perfectly and I’m pretty sure I’ll use their services again.
Kimberly M., Tampa, FL
I read some reviews here before I decided to go with them, and I’m glad to see that I was right to rely on all the praises I read. This company performed my move the way a move should be done, on time, no damage and no overcharges. Got exactly what I wanted and what I paid for. Good solid company that deserve the recognition.
Brian K., Lincoln, NE
I’m writing this review a little late but I think people should know about my experience with this company since it was so surprisingly good. So it started about 3 months ago when I requested a quote for my move online and got swamped by phone calls and emails from I’m guessing about 30 different companies… I was overwhelmed and confused and had to make a choice quickly. I got several quotes from the companies and it was really hard to choose. One of the phone calls was from a nice man working in National Movers, it was so nice to talk to him and he completely calmed me down, since I was really stressed about my move. He then sent me a quote to my Email, which was higher than the other quotes I received from his competitors. At first I thought I won’t be using National services because of that but for some reason I wasn’t completely sure about this decision. I decided to call him back and I even showed him the other quotes I received. We ended the conversation but after a few hours he called me back with what he called a “price matching” and the quote he gave me was a lot similar to the ones I sent him from the other companies. I could tell he made a lot of efforts to satisfy me and it just felt a lot better than just going with what was a low price to begin with. I then booked with him. At the time I had only two weeks till my move date and I had to get everything packed quickly. The story doesn’t end there, these guys called me a few days before the pickup date to make sure I was ready for the move. I really appreciated the consideration and the time they put in to make sure I had everything I needed. The move itself was effortless and fast and I’m now in my new place in Kentucky and I’m just very grateful. These guys deserve the time I had put into writing this and I just can’t thank them enough.
Patricia M., Phoenix, AZ
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